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Gasification Power Plant

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ShangQiu HaiQi Machinery Equipment Co.,ltd
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Gasification Power Plant

Product Detailed Description


Gasification Power Plant, Biomass Gasifier Power Generation

Biomass Gasification Power Plant, City Waste Gasification Power Plant, Wood Chips Gasification Power Plant, Rice Husk Gasification Power Plant, MSW Gasification Power Plant


Gasification Power Plant PRODUCT FEATURE

1.The gasifier uses fixed bed down-draft type, produce syn-gas continuous and stably with low tar content, it can generate electricity continuous.

2.Easy to use and operate, use Siemens PLC touch screen control panel to realize automatic control and semi-automatic control. Independent operation room, adjust parameter directly by controlling LCD touch screen. Then gen set will operate with separately control system.

3.Due to MSW gasification process adopts pyrolysis and accurate control in different stage, so it can reach specified flue gas standard.

4.Due to low temperature gasification combustion(gasifier furnace) under anaerobic condition and low temperature gasifier and combustion, only producing combustible gas, particulate matter emission is precious little.

5.Finish low temperature oxidation process in high temperature combustion chamber (combustion furnace), not producing harmful gas secondary pollution.

6.Due to combustion process is complete, the ash is completely non- pollution matter.

7.The removal rate of organic is over 90%, so it reduce the follow-up treatment cost greatly.

8.All kinds of waste with different composition can burn stably at the same time.

9.Safety separation combustion, restrict dioxin and other harmful matter output.

10.Operation 24 hours/day continuous.

11.Waste need to sort out, and improved operation efficency, ensure the safety of working environment.

12.Haiqi gasification system is fully closed, it is neat and beautiful look at site, no harmful to operation people. Automatic fuzzy control, easy to operate. All fuel feeding, slag discharge door, overhaul hole use soft seal, On the top of furnace has a seal cover to avoid gas leakage. The sealing of furnace is good, realizing good effect of oxygen controlling and pyrolysis.

13.When pyrolysis gas spontaneous combustion take place, then it enter into a process of spontaneous combustion, auxiliary combustion device will stop automatically. The whole process of spontaneous combustion is over 90%, greatly lower running cost. Realized resource utilization of waste thermal energy. Flue gas emission is no harmful and total CO2 emission is reduced.

Gen set: the gas from biomass and MSW is syn-gas, the components of the syn-gas is special, the impurity content is too much, so Haiqi company adopts large cylinder, lower rotate speed internal combustion engine, generate electricity stably.



Use all kinds of agriculture waste, city waste and industry waste to generate electricity, supply to factory or connect with national grid.

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Company Detailed

Our company hold a cooperative relation with North China Electric Power University, Harbin industrial university, Nanjing Forestry University. After years of technical research and test, the biggest advantage of Haiqi is compact structure, high performance structure, wide raw application. Based on the requirements of the specific situation in different countries, Haiqi develop different kind of biomass burners which can use sawdust, rice husks, palm shell, wood powder, coffee husks and so on.
Haiqi has set up its own R&D team and sales team, have definitely a competitive advantage. Good quality and great reputation is our purpose. More than 20 people sales team, highly rigorous and innovative management is our strong support. Now Haiqi with certifications of CE, BV,TUV,SGS, has own oversea agents, orders from all over the world. Haiqi with the main the products include "Biomass burner, biomass gasifier" using domestic leading technology, overcome the problems such as high energy consumption, discontiguous, severe coking situation.
Haiqi biomass burner use reasonable compact design, simple structure, which is the best standard in the world. Through unremitting efforts and technology improvement, Haiqi products has been exported to mor than 80 countries, such as such USA, Britain, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Indonesia, Iran, India, Vietnam, Korea, Pakistan, Africa, own a great a reputation around the international market.

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